How To Eat Less – Making Changes

how to eat lessThe world’s population continues to get fatter for the simple reason that we just eat too much food. Our lifestyles have become less active over the years but  our consumption of food has continued to increase. Large corporations have to make a profit and for them to do that they need us to consumer to buy more of their products. What we have seen over the last 20 to 30 years is an increase in the promotion of snack type foods. The food companies constantly markets between meals snacks to us via the media. It is impossible to watch TV and not see a commercial offering something tasty to eat. These snack foods tend to be the perfect blend of fat and sugar or fat and salt, or even a combination of all three. They are designed to taste good and leave those wanting more this is where the big profits are for the food manufacturers.

The human body is a very clever machine it has a system to lay down fat to use as energy at a later stage when food is scarce. The problem with today’s modern world is that time never the Western world we no longer face the threat of famine food is plentiful and available on demand when we want, but the results of this is an obesity epidemic that continues to grow at an alarming rate.

So where do we start when we want to learn how to eat less?

The first thing we need to understand is the that we do not need to eat between meals. We have to be aware that between meal snacking something created by the food industry to create more profits, so the first opportunity we have the start eating less is cutting out the snacks between meals.

Another good way to start eating less is to change to smaller dinner plates. The larger the plates we use the more food we put on the plate, however simply changing to a smaller plate has been proven to show a decrease in the amount of food eaten.

Perhaps the simplest way of learning how to eat less is to just take a break from eating. In the same way as we do not need to snack between meals there is also no requirement for three meals per day. One of the more popular ways of eating less is intermittent fasting often shortened to I.F. There are a number of different ways that you can use intermittent fasting to eat less. Intermittent fasting  has something called a condensed eating window, this is the time when food is eaten. Outside of the condensed eating window you do not eat anything, however you are free to drink water, calorie free sodas, black coffee and tea. Difference I F protocols vary the eating window. Three of the most popular intermittent fasting plans are fast five which includes a five-hour eating window and a 19 hour fasting period, leangains which has a 16-8 fasting protocol meaning you eat food within an eight-hour condensed eating window. This method of intermittent fasting usually means you don’t eat breakfast and your first meal of the day is lunch. The third popular intermittent fasting plan is eat stop eat which advocates one or two 24-hour breaks from eating per week. With each stop eat although you are going 24 hours without food you still eat every day, so for example you would start your fast from dinner Tuesday evening and break your fast with dinner on Wednesday evening.

As a way to eat less, intermittent fasting is highly effective. The rise in the popularity of intermittent fasting in the last four years is due to the fact that so many people have success with I.F. as a way to not only reduce their weight but also in keeping their weight stable. While not everyone may wish to do a fast of 24 hours if you are looking for a way to help you eat less then skipping a meal is one way of doing that.



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