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eat stop eatEast Stop Eat is the popular intermittent fasting diet book by Brad Pilon. Now in its fifth edition, eat stop eat is regarded as the go to resource book on intermittent fasting. Along with an explanation of the eat stop eat method of intermittent fasting, Brad also provides a substantial reference to scientific studies showing the benefits of intermittent fasting both on health and weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat incorporates  one or two 24-hour fasts on a weekly basis, Brad believes that this method of fasting gives a greater degree of flexibility for the user and is therefore easier to maintain in the future. One of the problems with other fasting protocols such as the every other day fasting method is that it tends to be a little too regimented for most people for example you will always be fasting on at least one day of the weekend. For many people this would simply be impractical. Brad solution is to enable the user to build the fasts around their lifestyle and not the other way around, so if you had dinner with friends on a Saturday evening you would not be worrying of what to do or say because it is meant to be one of your fasting days, with each stop eat you simply move your fast around your social schedule, the whole point of the stop eat is its ease and flexibility as part of a lifestyle change.


One of the reasons that Eat Stop Eat has been so successful is because no foods are viewed as good or bad so nobody is giving up the food they enjoy, it seems people are happy to do a fast of 24-hour’s once or twice per week knowing they can still eat their favourite foods while losing weight.

For many people intermittent fasting seems to be the key to not only weight loss but also weight maintenance in the long term. One of the more high-profile users of intermittent fasting and the eat stop eat method in particular is Dave Ward better known as the retired dieter. Dave has blogged about using intermittent fasting to first lose weight and then as a method of weight control since January 2009 his own eat stop eat review is a clear indicator of a method that Dave has used intermittent fasting for well over three years, I asked him why he feels that intermittent fasting is so successful. In Dave’s view it is because intermittent fasting takes away having to make food choices. The more fasts you do the easier it becomes until within a few weeks it is simply part of your lifestyle.

To quote Dave “intermittent fasting is now just part of my natural life I know that it is the best tool for me for weight control this is not a diet it’s a lifestyle change and it will be something I use not only now but in the future to help me stay fit and healthy”

if you have any questions about Eat Stop Eat you can reach the author Brad Pilon on twitter or at his blog here you can also read Dave’s blog here and follow him on Twitter


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